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Caiden's Hope Foundation was founded with a mission to make a difference in the lives of families with babies in the NICU. While we would love to fulfill every request, we have to be realistic and understand that our resources are limited. But don't lose hope! Our foundation is dedicated to making the most out of our resources and doing everything in our power to support families in need. Our team of volunteers works tirelessly to make sure that every donation is used to make a meaningful impact.

~ Caiden's Hope

to Caiden's Hope Foundation

All family requests must be submitted by a hospital staff member. Requests directly from family members will not be accepted.

Please contact your hospital social services department for assistance.

We Understand. We've Been There.

The NICU can be tough. We know. We've been there.

Shea Lawrence is just one of the thousands of NICU parents we've been blessed to help.

Her and husband T.J.'s story explains the NICU best. 

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