Thank you to everyone who read the inaugural issue of Caiden's Hope Foundation's blog posted August 1, 2020. We plan to post every other Saturday, and hope you will join in as we bring you news and interesting tidbits about families with infants in Neonatal Intensive Care Units across the nation, especially during this time of unrest and deep concern for the health of newborns.

This week we thought we would touch upon a recent phenomenon posted by Kelly Cryderman in The Globe and Mail in Calgary, Canada.

"Canadian hospitals saw a sudden drop in

premature births during the pandemic.

Now researchers are trying to find out why."

"Executive director Jannette Festival knew she had a mystery to solve earlier this year, when pandemic lockdowns started taking effect and the usual milk orders from many neonatal intensive care units (NICUs) dropped. By April, orders were 40 per cent below normal.

Ms. Festival, a nurse, started calling the NICUs to figure out what was going on, prepared to defend the safety of the donated milk in the age of novel coronavirus. She was surprised to

learn it wasn't a fear of infection causing the change; many units simply didn't need their regular shipments because they were seeing a significant decrease in the number of very small babies born.

There are theories that women in the final weeks of pregnancy stayed at home instead of carrying on with their regular, stressful loves or faced fewer germs. It's also possible there was less air pollution - as people drove less, planes were parked and factories idled. As lockdowns have eased, there are some corresponding reports of preterm births returning closer to normal levels."

Interestingly, Caiden's Hope also noted a drop in requests from hospital for NICU support of parents during their time at the hospital, and discovered that, although they did not have fewer preemies in the NICU, the hospital staffs had been drastically reduced due to pandemic layoffs. As their support staff decreased, there were fewer hospital social service case workers to help parents seek assistance.

Of course, this does not mean the need has lessened in any way. NICU parents are still personally caring for their precious newborns daily and they still need your support!.

YOU can help them with your tax deductible donation via our secure PayPal donation link at

The note below is an example of one family's response to Caiden's Hope's financial assistance to them -

"At 19 weeks pregnant we found out our soon to be baby boy had a severe heart defect. We also found out he would need heart surgery within a few days of being born. We live in Sioux City, Iowa and needed to be in and stay in Omaha, Nebraska until he recovered and could go home. He arrived earlier than expected at 35 weeks. We received the gift cards from you helping with the extra cost of travel that is very appreciated. We are grateful for your foundation and the support!"

Countless others have shared their gratitude for not only the financial help, but the fact that we work hard to help them.

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Updated: Aug 1

Since this is my first time trying to write a blog, I'm going to keep it short and sweet. Thank you for taking a moment out of your day to read our story. ~ Wayne

First a little backstory, Caiden is the grandson of Eddie and Terry Call of Ventura, California. Eddie and I have been great friends for more than 50 years. He was our best man and I in turn was theirs. We couldn't ask for better friends. Their oldest daughter Jennifer is Caiden's mom.

Jennifer, who was 7 months pregnant, wasn't feeling well and taking the advice of a friend, visited her doctor. He immediately admitted her to the hospital and 5 days later Caiden was born.

Following Caiden's premature birth in 2010, my wife and I realized that God was asking us to form a mission to help parents with a premature infant. But of course being the humans that we are, at first we didn't pay attention. So God kept sending us hints and after about 6 months of nudges we got the message. I remember the event very well. We were on our deck talking when once again the topic of Caiden's premature birth surfaced. I started complaining that someone needed to help these families, why didn't a large charity, the government or someone else help them. Sharleen looked at me and quietly said "we should" and that was the start of Caiden's Hope Foundation. From that day forward, we haven't quit.

It took another 4-5 months of research, planning and the help of a wonderful IRS agent to allow us to receive our certification from the IRS as a 501(c)3 charitable organization. The financial help of our good friend Mike Peters came when he made the first donation of $100. Thanks to Mike we were able to open a bank account and started asking for community support.

The first year (really only October-December 2010) we raised a whopping $500 from friends that realized we needed their help. And with that $500 we helped 5 NICU families. The first family asked that we not use their name, so we won't, but we have been given permission to tell their story. Their precious baby girl was born premature, but she didn't survive and God took her home. We drove to a fund raiser to help off set the medical expenses and were blessed to be able to present them with a $100 check. After that we spent the remaining $400 on 4 other NICU families. Their names came to us from friends who knew the families needs.

$100 at a time doesn't sound like much when faced with hospital bills that can run into the millions, but it's what we can do and we've been told many times how much these families appreciate not only the money, but that someone they don't know is helping them and more importantly praying for them.

I also thought you might like to see a picture of Caiden today. He'll turn 10 in January, 2021.

Since that first donation and the first $100 given to a NICU family, Caiden's Hope Foundation has slowly grown. Through the help from friends, corporations and the community in general, we have assisted over 800 NICU families in all 50 states. If you visit our website at, you'll be able to read some of their stories.

I would like to ask that you visit and learn more about our mission to help NICU parents with a premature infant hospitalized in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and if God moves you to action, to please make a donation via our PayPal site. Even the smallest donation can brighten the day of a NICU parent.

Look for another update on Caiden's Hope Foundation on Saturday, August 15, 2020

Thank you,


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