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Caiden's Hope Foundation


Bringing Hope To Families In Need


The Heart behind Caiden's Hope Foundation

"During our time at the hospital, I was able to talk with a lot of young couples that came from long distances. Just in talking with some of them, I found out that one couple didn't have the money to go to a hotel and they didn't even know about the social worker, and just through a conversation I found that they had their sleeping bags and were sleeping in an empty waiting room on the 8th floor."  - Caiden's Grandfather


Caiden's Hope Foundation

 We understand the emotional and financial strain having a premature infant hospitalized in the NICU can put on you and your family.


We aim to make this difficult journey a little easier by providing assistance and resources to help ease the burden.

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Making a Difference One Preemie at a Time

How to Request Assistance

Caiden's Hope Foundation works hand in hand with hospital caseworkers to provide financial support to families with a baby in the NICU. We understand that each family's needs vary, and we are committed to providing tailored assistance to those who need it.


Contact your hospital social services representative and take the first step toward receiving support from our foundation.

Caiden's Hope Foundation only accepts referrals from hospital staff.

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