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Real Help for Real People

Caiden's Hope Foundation

We believe parental care is essential to the development of premature infants.

NICU parents shouldn't have to worry about unforeseen expenses.

Celebrate Texas Independence March 4, 2023, at Cork This, Tap That in Dobbin, Texas

Real Help for Real People

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"At 19 weeks pregnant we found out our soon to be baby boy had a severe heart defect. We also found out he would need heart surgery within a few days of being born. We live in Sioux City, Iowa and needed to be in and stay in Omaha, Nebraska until he recovered and could go home. He arrived earlier than expected at 35 weeks. We received the gift cards from you helping with the extra cost of travel that is very appreciated. We are grateful for your foundation and the support! - a NICU Mom

Celebrate the
Great State of Texas

Cork This Tap That.jpg

March 4, 2023 Caiden's Hope Foundation is celebrating the Great State of Texas at:

Cork This, Tap That

All Day Music Event at Cork This, Tap That in Dobbin, Texas

The Will Carter Band

Michael Player and Dance Hall Revival

McKenna Kasowski

Jordan Tyler Haynes

11:00am - 9:00pm

Autographed Guitar Silent Auction


Free, Family Friendly Event

During our time at the hospital, I was able to talk with a lot of young couples that came from long distances. Just in talking with some of them, I found out that one couple didn't have the money to go to a hotel and they didn't even know about the social worker, and just through a conversation I found that they had their sleeping bags and were sleeping in an empty waiting room on the 8th floor.  - Caiden's Grandfather

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Caiden's Hope Foundation

Real Help for Real People
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