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How to Receive Assistance

Every family situation is unique which is why we ask that you contact your hospital social worker. They will help you determine the possible expenses you will have during your baby's stay in the NICU.

Your hospital caseworker will be able to reach out to Caiden's Hope on your behalf & we will take it from there!

Caiden's Hope Provides Assistance For:


Prepaid Gas Cards


Bus and Rail Transportation


Daily Meals

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Parking Costs

Short Term Hotel Accomodations



"Anthony surprised us all when he decided his birthday had to be in January of 2020 instead of March. Coming to us unexpectedly for no known reason 8 weeks early was quite a shock to our family. His older sister witnessed his birth since we didn’t know I was in labor that day until it was too late… and he came quickly. We weren’t sure how we were going to make it work so that we could spend time with him in the hospital as well as our then 13 month old daughter. We ended up splitting our time where dad would go for a while everyday and then mom would go. Caiden's Hope Foundation made that possible with their kind and generous gift card. We were able to afford the gas needed to drive back and forth. Anthony spent 30 days total in the NICU before his doctor called us and said “Anthony is wondering if he can have a ride home today?” What could have been a much more stressful situation with money was alleviated with your help. Since then I have also been happy to not only provide this information to other parents going through the same tough times but also raised back the money we were blessed with plus some. Caiden’s Hope Foundation truly is a blessing to NICU families.

Thank you." — A NICU Mom

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