Caiden's Hope Foundation was blessed to provide prepaid gasoline credit cards to Zariah's father. He used them to drive from Ohio where she was hospitalized, home to Utah.


She was born at just 23 weeks gestation in September 2015 in Utah, after her mother, experienced a placental abruption.

Zariah was in multiple hospitals in several states for 1,221 days.

Zariah’s father said it was the most terrifying ordeal the family had gone through.

“My wife looked at me and said, ‘Don’t let my baby die.’” 


“She was delivered; we waited about an hour to see if she was even going to live. They said that she was alive; she was kicking and fighting.”

They said Zariah’s fighting spirit is what inspires them all to keep pushing forward despite the odds. When Zariah was born, doctors gave her a zero percent chance to live.

~ article and photos by Ashley Moser, KSL TV, Salt Lake City, Utah

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