Rose's Story

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

"Our daughter Rose was born at UCLA NICU in 2013. She was full-term but suffered a variety of severe medical conditions that kept her in the facility for 5 1/2 months. Our home was 70 miles from the hospital, and due to requirements of work and travel, my wife and I had to make separate trips daily to Los Angeles to be with her.

A social worker put us in touch with Caiden's Hope. They provided us with gas cards and an occasional hotel voucher to assist in the struggle to be with our daughter as much as possible.

Caiden's Hope has kept in touch since Rose was finally able to come home and we are happy to say that she has overcome 90% of her difficulties.

We cannot express our gratitude to Caiden's Hope and the help they provide to families struggling with situations which are overwhelming and frightening. This is a great organization."

- Rose's Dad