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"I was tired and emotionally broken"

Caiden's Hope received an email from a young family near San Antonio this week and was so moved by their story that we recorded a video conversation with them. Michelle and Dustin have 3 children at home and a son currently in the NICU. When asked how they felt, Dustin replied "Blessed, happy, thankful."

"We've been poured on with prayer and goodness"

Through the support of "their village", they have been able to keep their spirits high regardless of the struggles they face each day. When Michelle reached a breaking point, Dustin took her pain and created a new plan that benefited not only their family, but all the NICU parents currently at the same hospital.

"Sometimes it's hard for one person, especially a mother in this world to speak up about things because we're so emotionally invested and we're scared and we're nervous and our emothions override clear thoughts"

We were impressed with their positive attitude and how they continually advocate for their son and how they convinced a San Antonio hospital to change it's policies as they relate to NICU parents.

Caiden's Hope has been blessed during the last two weeks to continue our mission of assisting NICU families across the nation. This week, we helped families in Aurora Colorado, Mcadoo Pennsylvania, Medford Massachussetts, and Lewisville Texas. All these families are facing hardships due to the premature birth of their child. Your kindness and prayer will make their journey less of a struggle.

With the amazing support of you and others, Caiden's Hope was able to provide them with the blessing of gift card to help them while they are at the hospital.

Caiden's Hope would like to recognize a very special supporter in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.

Bobby M. purchased 10 small teddy bears from our collection as a gift for 10 NICU families. He asked that we let the NICU families know that he is "Praying for your family" and that "Jesus Christ loves you. God bless you". Thank you Bobby, we couldn't agree more.

If you are moved to purchase one of our "Forever Friends" for your loved one or as a gift to a NICU family, please visit today. 100% of the proceeds benefit NICU families.

Caiden's Hope is participating in the Conroe/Lake Conroe Chamber of Commerce Lobsterfest Golf Tournament Friday, October 2, 2020 at Panorama Golf Club. We'll be at Hole 23 so bring your "A" game and stop by to learn more about Caiden's Hope Foundation. Be sure to register for the free electric guitar signed by Ronnie Dunn of Brooks & Dunn.

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