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Most often when expectant parents first learn they are pregnant with twins, they are delighted and can hardly contain their excitement. WOW! What news! And suddenly, they are thinking, "We're going to need two car seats, cribs...two of everything...diapers, bottles, onesies, strollers and more!"

And the planning begins! "Will we need a new car to fit both car seats?" Won't it be fun to share the news that we're bringing two babies into the world all at once."

The possibility that their babies might make an early appearance just doesn't enter the picture - until they are faced with exactly that situation, and the reality that they aren't prepared hits full force. Suddenly the statistics that 50 percent of twin births are premature become real. They ARE in that 50 percent group, and they are going to need help - NOW!

When calls for help come,

Caiden's Hope steps in immediately!

During the past two weeks, Caiden's Hope has been blessed to help three families with preemie twins, along with two single births, for a total of eight preemies across the country. Each of these families is expecting a very long journey in the NICU before their infants can go home. And just because they will be released someday, their struggle won't end, but we pray that Caiden's Hope financial assistance will meet many of their immediate needs.

We were able to send gift cards and tiny teddy bears to those families all the way from Temecula and Chula Vista, California; to Omaha, Nebraska; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and Birmingham, Alabama, and we would ask you to keep each of these families in your prayers.

Except in unusual circumstances, we don't name the families for privacy reasons, but God knows who they are, and He will hear your prayers.

Remembering important dates in my life

There are four important dates in my life. Dates that are more than special. Dates I'll never forget. September 11 (not for what you're thinking, but I won't forget that September 11th either), August 18, March 8 and January 12th.

On September 11, 1975 my lovely bride and I got married. We just celebrated 45 years of marriage on Friday.

Our boys (now grown men) were born on the other days.

Each time, my wife was admitted to the hospital, quickly delivered the boys and just as quickly we were sent home with a healthy child. Ten fingers and Ten toes, and everyone happy. We always thought that was just the way it was.

We were wrong. Very wrong!

The fact that 450,000+ babies are born premature each year in the United States never entered our minds back then.

We really didn't even learn a thing about premature infants until January 2010 when our good friends daughter went into labor 2 months early. Her son Caiden was born at 3.5 pounds with CHARGE syndrome. As a result of his early birth, we formed Caiden's Hope Foundation to help others.

I honestly don't know what we would or could have done if any of our boys had been born premature. How could we have afforded the enormous expense? Could we have faced the enormous stress involved? Could we have kept our marriage together? Many marriages don't make it. I hope so, and I have faith that we would have stayed together, but I honestly don't know. Marriage is tough without the added stress of a premature infant. The financial stress added to the very personal fear that a child might not survive often tears people apart.

With premature births edging close to a half billion each year, many if not most parents are facing the very real prospect of financial collapse

Without faith in God and financial assistance from the community, they will be facing all the struggles head on They need our help. They need YOUR help.

What can one person do?

  • Do you have a good idea for a virtual fundraiser?

  • Do you have a talent for event planning?

  • Are you a graphic artist; are you a business owner who wants go give back to the community?

  • Do you belong to a church or organization that's looking for ways to work together to assist future NICU parents?

  • Are you a Preemie Parent who has received help from Caiden's Hope and will share your story with others?

Has God placed our mission on your heart? If so, please visit today to make a tax deductible donation or contact us at Those are just a few ways that you can help Caiden's Hope Foundation.

"Pennies for Preemies"

This past week Caiden's Hope Foundation contacted churches in the area to begin our new donation program named "Pennies for Preemies." This idea came from 19th century American Chaplain, Charles Cardwell McCabe who was given the daunting challenge of raising one million dollars for missionary work. And, with some much-needed help, he succeeded in

fulfilling his mission - "A Million for Missions."

The story goes that a little boy was the catalyst that helped bring about the chaplain's success. It seems that the boy heard about McCabe's pursuit and asked his mother to write this letter for him - "Dear Chaplain McCabe, I am glad you are getting a million dollars for missions. I send you five cents to help, and if you want any more, just write to me."

Just as Chaplain McCabe was inspired by the child, at Caiden's Hope, we have a goal to help thousands of families. Even so, our goal is much more attainable than raising a million dollars, but we still need your help.

Though it would be wonderful to raise that much, we aren't seeking "A Million for Missions"

Our dream is that YOU and your church or other organization will join our "Pennies for Preemies" program. We hope you will let us provide your church or organization with one of our Piggy Banks so your congregation can join our mission of helping families with infants in the NICU across the nation, by donating all those "pesky" pennies that always somehow manage to just get in the way and rarely get spent. If you or your church are interested, please let us know and we'll get the ball rolling.

Conroe/Lake Conroe Chamber of Commerce Lobsterfest Golf Tournament

Friday October 2, 2020, Caiden's Hope Foundation will be participating in the Conroe/Lake Conroe Chamber of Commerce Lobsterfest Golf Tournament. We will have a canopy on the Panorama Golf Club course (we don't know which hole yet) to encourage players to learn more about the needs of NICU parents. If you're going to be playing, be sure to stop by the Caiden's Hope tent for your free gift and for a chance to take home an electric guitar signed by Ronnie Dunn of Brooks and Dunn. No purchase or donation is required.

That wraps up another Caiden's Hope Lifeline. We hope you are enjoying our thoughts.

See you in two weeks.

Wayne Keller

Executive Director

Caiden's Hope Foundation



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